Demolition Services

The Ripa way!

Ripa Concrete Cutting realised many years ago the need to carry out their specialised work in awkward and confined spaces, whilst producing low noise and no emissions. It was essential to achieve this whilst ensuring operator safety and minimal environmental damage. The Ripa Group invested in the latest Brokk robotics and other specialised demolition equipment to be able to confidently deliver a safe and effective solution required by their customers.

It's this foresight that has made The Ripa Group an industry leader.

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  • Ripa-0937

    Silent Demolition

    The Brokk is safe, quiet and environmentally friendly! Crushing concrete generates little to no noise, the procedure is virtually vibration…

  • Concrete Scanning

    Concrete Scanning

    Ripa Concrete Scanning is the best in ground penetrating radar solution for commercial, residential and industrial applications. Ground Penetrating Radar…

  • Confined Area Demolition

    Confined Area Demolition

    In the demanding field of confined space demolition, small size and great strength are a powerful combination. The Brokk remote…

  • Removal of Staircases

    Removal of Staircases

    Removing a concrete staircase is tricky and dangerous, our robotic demolition machines have now changed this. With an amazing reach…

  • Removal of Concrete Slabs

    Removal of Concrete Slabs

    The Ripa team can remove a concrete slab quickly and efficiently with minimal environmental disturbance. Allowing you to move forward…

  • Excavation Under Buildings

    Excavation Under Buildings

    When there is no space for standard excavating equipment and too much earth to move with a shovel and wheel…

  • Concrete Crushing

    Concrete Crushing

    The two man operated, 47kg silent system for demolition work is the hydraulic hand held crusher. It's unbelievable that this…

  • Rock Splitting

    Rock Splitting

    400 tonnes of force, and all in one hand! Ripa's new concrete and rock splitting systems maybe the answer you're…

  • Hazardous Area Excavation & Demolition

    Hazardous Area Excavation & Demolition

    The team at Ripa have the specialised equipment and are fully qualified to carry out hazardous area excavations and demolitions.…

  • Penetrations into Concrete Floors

    Penetrations into Concrete Floors

    Ripa prides itself on being able to offer a purpose built machine to its customers. If you need a hole…

  • Brickwork & Retaining Walls

    Brickwork & Retaining Walls

    The Brokk Robotic demolition machines are small enough to fit through a side gate, able to climb a set of…

  • Wall Sawing

    Wall Sawing

    Ripa Concrete Cutting are the foremost, the most superior precision saw cutting company in Sydney. Using our compact track mounted…