Confined Area Demolition

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In the demanding field of confined space demolition, small size and great strength are a powerful combination. The Brokk remote controlled demolition machine packs many times the hitting power of a jackhammer in a unit small enough to fit through most doorways or openings ranging from 780mm in width.

What's more, the lightweight precision digital remote-control allows our highly trained operators to operate the machine at a safe distance from the work area. In using the latest technology, our Brokk robotic demolition machine's are ideal for working in environments where point loadings, noise, access, and toxic fumes are a problem, i.e. inside shopping centers, hospitals, banks, office buildings etc.

With 3 easily changeable attachments and the ability to manoeuvre on rubber or metal tracks, our Brokk machinery can cope with all terrains, even if you have to climb stairs.

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Ripa guarantees that all our staff will give a professional standard of safety and service every time. We have adapted a rigorous induction and training system for our team. All our staff have completed the OH&S Training Course and are holders of a current 'Green Card'. Ripa Concrete Cutting also completes regular and on going in house training to each concrete cutting technician which ensures they are operating to the highest standards under all the relevant codes of practices within the industry.

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