Concrete Diamond Core Drilling

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When do you need to core drill concrete?

The most popular application for concrete core drilling is the provision of penetrations of concrete slabs for the installation of plumbing, electrical and air conditioning piping and conduit.

Smaller diameter core holes are often required for installation of dowels and chemset rods in existing concrete slabs.

Concrete core drilling can also be used to remove entire sections of concrete by ‘stitching’ the holes together. This technique is very useful in situations where conventional cutting equipment cannot operate e.g. tight access corners. Core drilling also has the advantage of being able to achieve greater depths of cut than any other technique with the exception of wire sawing.

Core drilling is also used as an adjunct to conventional concrete sawing when overcutting of corners on penetrations cannot be made. The placement of core holes in the corners allows a ‘breakout’ of material without having to pass a saw blade beyond the margin of the corner.

What can you do with a concrete core drill?

There are many applications where a core drill will be effective and efficient (please speak to a member of our sales team who are trained professionals for assessing requirements).  The following is a rough guide for the many applications for core drilling. There is only a depth restriction when the core hole is so narrow that extension bars cannot fit through the core hole itself. Ripa carries a large range of extended barrels that can overcome this situation.

Ripa Concrete Cutting uses state of the art equipment to allow maximum application flexibility. We have drill units in single phase electric, 3 phase electric and hydraulic. This allows us to cover all customer requirements whether it be inverted drilling or drilling underwater.

Feature Single phase 3 phase Hydraulic
0-150mm ø
150-250mm ø
250-350mm ø
350-500mm ø
500-800mm ø
Can be used inverted
Can be used under water
Hand held applications
Max depth ** See below ** **


** Minimum width for extension bar use is 50mm, beyond this we have core drilled for clients as deep as 4m, however if required we can go further.

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