Penetrations into Concrete Floors

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Ripa prides itself on being able to offer a purpose built machine to its customers.

If you need a hole of any size or shape in concrete Ripa have the machines and experienced operators to get the job done.

All of our mobile workshops are equipped with a powerful 100cc handsaw as a standard, giving an available cut to 150mm. Ringsaws are becoming one of the most widely called on machines in the industry. Purpose built, able to cut double brick walls or light weight concrete to a maximum depth of 270mm from one side.
This is a very versatile tool making for a quicker and cleaner job. Big benefits for the ringsaw is it's innate ability to cut a square corner due to the innovative design of it's cutting face, which eliminates over cutting past the corners.
Best used for brick, block, and sandstone.
Perfect for cutting out new doorways, windows and openings.

Confined Spaces

When hand held sawing in confined spaces, the sister machinery to the 100cc petrol models are the hydraulic powered cutting tools. All offering the same cutting features in being able to cut a maximum of 270mm by hand with the ringsaw.
Available in 2 motor driven applications… 20amp 3phase electric or petrol power pacs to adequately supply the hydraulics.
Best designed for full use internal or semi internal work. The power units which supply the hydraulics are able to be set up away from the work point up to 20m.

For the bigger slabs we have a selection of electric and deepcut Floorsaws and Road Saws.

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