Wall Sawing

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Ripa Concrete Cutting are the foremost, the most superior precision saw cutting company in Sydney.

Using our compact track mounted systems, we are able to provide you with a depth of cut from one side of up to 830mm. Due to it's remarkable safety features, this equipment is highly recommended for demolition work.

Primary applications include all reinforced concrete structures and brick work. Being a track mounted system, the wall saw is fixed to the cutting product which gives precise cutting to either concrete or brick work.

Over the years, our wall saws have been tried and proven to be the No.1 choice for fast accurate deep cutting. We have full hydraulic or electric powered machines designed for heavy or light work, both quick and efficient. These are powered by either a 45hp diesel engine or for internal applications, an electric configuration using 3phase 32amp power to accommodate confined space cutting.

We welcome your enquiry today, please contact us on 1300 537 995

34 Plasser Crescent
NSW 2760
1300 537 995

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